What Should I Do About My Cracked Tooth?

A cracked tooth can be no big deal, or it can be a big problem. If you’re suffering from a cracked tooth, start by getting help from your dentist. While you may not need treatment, failure to act if you do need treatment could result in an infection – or worse. Here’s what to know about a cracked tooth treatment in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

Know the symptoms of a cracked tooth. When you know and can recognize the signs, you’ll know when to get help from a dentist.

  • Swelling around the affected tooth
  • Sensitivity to temperature extremes
  • Pain when chewing or biting
  • Pain that comes and goes

Depending on the size of the crack and which tooth has been affected, you may even be able to see the crack in the tooth enamel.

See the Dentist

If you have any of the above symptoms, see your dentist in Rancho Mirage, CA. Your dentist will go over the possible treatments with you.

Bonding. Bonding is a composite tooth-colored material that your dentist will use to fill in the crack.

Crown. A crown is a cap placed over your tooth to reinforce the enamel and prevent the crack from worsening.

Root canal. A root canal is a procedure your dentist may recommend if the tooth becomes infected.

Extraction. If your tooth becomes infected and the infection becomes severe, the dentist may recommend a tooth extraction.

Have a Cracked Tooth? Contact Your Dentist Today

At Cros Dental, we provide treatment for cracked teeth, including crowns, bonding and root canal treatments in Rancho Mirage, CA. If you have a cracked tooth, we can help you determine the best course of action. Call today to make an appointment and get a diagnosis.

3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Teeth Through the Holidays 

From family dinners and yummy treats to time away from home and regular routines, the holidays can be a little hard on your oral health. However, with a little guidance from a general dentist in Rancho Mirage, CA, you can return from your holiday excursions without a bit of concern for the health of your smile. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as the holidays approach.

1. Keep a travel-sized oral care kit in your car or suitcase

Travel-sized oral care kits should include:

  • A toothbrush or two
  • A small tube of toothpaste
  • Flossers
  • A small bottle of mouthwash (optional)

When you have everything you need on hand, it will be less likely that you are stuck using a finger to brush your teeth in the guest bathroom when you are away from home.

2. Limit sweet treats at bedtime when visiting family

Most of us have stayed with family at some point during the holidays. These holiday gatherings can be an opportunity to catch up until late at night while nibbling on whatever sweet treats are still hanging around after dinner. If you don’t have a toothbrush with you, keep the sugary treats to a minimum.

3. Watch out for sugary beverages

Some common holiday beverages can have a terrible amount of sugar, such as:

If you know you won’t be able to brush for a while, opt for water, and if you do indulge, be sure to grab your travel oral care supplies before bed.

Work with a Rancho Mirage Dentist for a Proactive Oral Health Care Plan

Even though you are bound to do a little indulging through the holiday months, you can still walk away with a healthy smile. Need a little help from a Rancho Mirage dentist? Reach out to us at Cros Dental to schedule an appointment.

How to Save a Knocked Out Tooth

Sometimes permanent, natural teeth get knocked out for one reason or another. A tooth may be knocked in a sports impact, a vehicle accident, a human altercation or just a simple freak accident between a tooth and a drinking glass. Sometimes a knocked-out tooth can be saved. Saving a knocked-out tooth in Rancho Mirage means taking certain steps immediately after the tooth is knocked out.

Handle a Knocked-Out Tooth Gently

After you retrieve the tooth, be gentle with it. There are certain tiny fibers near the root that are integral to its survival. Pick it up by the crown, not the root.

Store in a Safe Place

The knocked-out tooth should be kept moist while in transit to the dentist’s office. Ideally, you can store the tooth in a short glass in some of your saliva. Alternatively, if the tooth is clean, you can hold it in your mouth, between your cheek and gums. If you choose this method, you must be very careful not to swallow it. You can also store it in a glass jar with some milk, distilled water or even contact lens cleaning solution. The goal is to keep the knocked-out tooth moist and sterile.

Call Your Dentist

Once you have the knocked-out tooth safely stored, call your dentist in Rancho Mirage and let them know you’re on your way there. This will give them a heads up and allow more time for them to see you right away after you arrive. If your knocked out tooth incident occurred after hours, you can also go to an emergency room for help.

There are a few options that your dentist has to save your knocked-out tooth. Taking these steps will give your tooth the best chances. Contact Cros Dental for more information.


Does My Dentist Need to Know About My Allergies?

While you wait for your next dental checkup, you probably have some things you want to discuss, such as whether you have allergies. Common allergies such as hay fever do not affect your visit, but allergies to certain foods can cause problems. It is important that you discuss the possibility of an allergic reaction with your dentist before you go into treatment. If you suffer from allergies, it is always a wise idea to inform your dentist in advance.

Surprising Sources of Allergies

It’s also important to mention that latex, anesthesia and even certain metals that can be used in fillings, brackets or partial dentures may cause allergic reactions. For this reason, make sure you tell your dentist of all allergies you have, even if they seem irrelevant on the surface. Nose, ears and throat are all connected, so if something happens to one area, it is likely to affect the other. For example, if you have a sore throat due to allergies, you are likely to have problems with your oral health. You breathe through your mouth, cavities may form or your allergies leave you with a dry mouth.

Your Dentist is Aware of the Potential For Allergies

You should also know that dentists and doctors are aware that there are several associations between dentistry and allergies. Recognizing these connections and being aware of the underlying allergy is a very important step whenever you are visiting a dentist for the first time. Make sure you talk to your dentist beforehand and discuss any allergies so that he can treat you safely and comfortably during your visit.

Don’t Avoid Dentists Because of Your Allergies

Don’t hesitate to see your dentist in Rancho Mirage on a routine basis just out of fear of an allergic reaction. There are a number of ways to treat patients who have allergies related to dental care. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, there are some people in the Rancho Mirage area and other parts of the country who are allergic to local anesthetic.

Your dentist is well-equipped to handle any kind of allergy you may have. To book your appointment now, please contact us.

Common Holiday Treats That Are Hard on Your Teeth

With the holiday season in full swing, now is a good time to be aware of some common holiday treats that are hard on your teeth. Continue reading for helpful hints from our Rancho Mirage dentist team so you can keep your teeth and gums happy well into the New Year.

Favorite Holiday Treats That Are Tough on Teeth

Your favorite holiday foods may taste great, but they can also cause unexpected problems. For example, sugary sweets and beverages attract bacteria. These bacteria feed on the sugary residue left on your teeth and produce acid that wears down enamel and contributes to dental decay.Hard and sticky holiday sweets, like candy canes and caramels, can easily get stuck between your teeth or even crack a tooth or crown (same goes for popcorn and nuts).Even wine and other types of alcohol aren’t great for your teeth and gums. Alcoholic beverages are often sugary or acidic. Alcohol can also cause dehydration and reduce saliva production, further contributing to tooth decay.

3 Tips for Protecting Your Dental Health During the Holidays

  1. Maintain your normal brushing and flossing routine. We know the holidays can wear you out. But neglecting basic oral care habits leads to short-term and long-term damage. In fact, plaque begins to harden into tartar in just 24 hours—and tartar can only be removed by your dentist.
  2. Speaking of the dentist…be sure to schedule a check-up if you’re due. Regular dental exams keep your teeth clean and help us detect and address oral health problems early on.
  3. Enjoy your holiday favorites in moderation, fill up on plenty of nutrient-rich whole foods, and always brush your teeth after enjoying a special treat!

Ready for a healthy holiday season? Call Cros Dental at 760.444.3202 to schedule a dental exam in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Say Goodbye to Your Dental Stains

Has your smile gradually become duller over the years? The problem may be due to stains from foods and beverages. Dentists Dr. Ray teeth whitening Cros and Dr. Sheri Cros of Cros Dental in Rancho Mirage, CA and serving Palm Desert, explain how teeth whitening can remove stubborn stains and brighten your smile.

Strong whitening agents dissolve stains

Dark pigments found in tobacco products or certain foods or beverages tend to stain teeth. These small pigments become stuck in tiny pores in your tooth enamel and can’t be removed simply by brushing your teeth. You may be more likely to develop stains if you regularly drink tea, coffee, cola or wine, or eat foods that contain dark pigments, such as berries, tomato sauce or popsicles.

Thanks to the stain-busting properties of hydrogen peroxide, your teeth will become up to eight shades lighter in just one whitening session in our Rancho Mirage office. Hydrogen peroxide, applied to your teeth as a gel, breaks apart stain-causing pigments. Although hydrogen peroxide is found in both over-the-counter and professional whiteners, professional whiteners contain stronger formulations of the chemical compound.

Teeth whitening is a simple process

Before we whiten your teeth, we’ll perform a thorough dental examination. Since problems with your teeth increase the risk of sensitivity, this step is essential for your comfort. It will also ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment if you happen to have a cavity or other dental issues. You’ll also receive a dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. If these substances remain on your teeth, your smile may look speckled after whitening.

After your teeth are cleaned, a protective gel will be applied to your gums and roots, and retractors will be used to draw your lips and cheeks away from your teeth during your whitening session. These precautions help reduce the risk of sensitivity.

At-home whitening is also available. If you choose this option, you’ll receive custom-made whitening trays and a supply of whitening gel.

In most cases, the effects of whitening will last two or three years. Avoiding smoking and the foods and beverages that cause stains may help your smile stay whiter even longer.

Ready to whiten your smile? Call dentists Drs. Ray and Sheri Cros of Cros Dental in Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert, CA, at (760) 444-3202 to schedule an appointment.

Everything You Need to Know about Root Canals

When you hear about root canal therapy at Cros Dental in Rancho Mirage, it might make you feel a bit uneasy. Truth be told, sometimes the most fearless patients cringe when we mention the common endodontic procedure. There are many questions that we frequently get asked, including the most common one — does it hurt to get root canal therapy?

Does Root Canal Therapy Hurt?

The answer is no. Root canal therapy in Rancho Mirage relieves pain and sensitivity and saves teeth from extraction. By removing the diseased inner tissues of your tooth, root canals deliver pain-free, healthy smiles.

When are Root Canals Necessary?

When tooth decay or injury reaches in the inner pulp of a tooth, root canal therapy is necessary to stop the infection, end pain and save the tooth. The nerve system of a tooth is housed within the pulp. When damage or decay gets to the inner nerve, the result can be a great deal of pain.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Only a skilled and experienced dentist will know for sure if root canal therapy is the appropriate solution to restore your oral health, but there are a few warning signs you can look out for, including:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Darkening of the enamel near the gum line
  • Gum infection around the affected tooth

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

The entire contents of the inner chamber are removed during root canal treatment. This includes the pulp and the nerves. The empty space is cleaned, disinfected and filled. The last step in the process is to place a porcelain crown on the weakened tooth.

How do I Care for My Smile after Root Canal?

After the root canal treatment, you can resume your every day oral hygiene routine. Brush two times a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a mildly abrasive ADA-approved toothpaste. Use a waxed dental floss at least once daily.

How do I Prevent the Need for Root Canal Treatment?

You can avoid excessive tooth decay by maintaining good dental care habits at home and then getting two routine dentist visits twice a year. By being diligent about your oral health, you will keep your smile healthy and functioning well.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

At Cros Dental we are dedicated to protecting our patients and their smiles, however, in certain situations, the best treatment option may be a tooth extraction. Prior to providing a tooth extraction in Rancho Mirage, your dentist will provide diagnostic testing to determine if it is the best option for your smile. At Cros Dental there are a few common reasons we extract teeth, which include:

Tooth Damage

Have you experienced extensive tooth damage due to decay or even an injury? When a tooth is severely decayed, damaged or even infected it can actually become a serious problem, infecting the tooth root and eventually potentially even causing sepsis (a potentially fatal blood infection). In these situations, tooth extraction may be the smartest choice for your overall oral health.

Wisdom Teeth

At Cros Dental, wisdom teeth are the most common reason we extract teeth in Rancho Mirage. Due to dietary changes throughout history, our jaws are no longer the size required to fit all of our teeth, often resulting in impacted or problematic wisdom teeth. During your consultation at Cros Dental, we will provide diagnostic testing to determine if your wisdom teeth are going to be problematic and let you know whether or not we recommend removing them.


Although orthodontic treatment involves using braces or other oral appliances to shift and perfect smiles, situations do arise where teeth do not properly fit in the mouth and may need to be removed for the most successful orthodontic outcome.

Baby Teeth

Did you know those baby teeth are an essential part of having a healthy permanent smile? When baby teeth fail to fall out in a timely fashion, your dentist at Cros Dental may recommend extraction for the best outcome later in life.

Schedule Tooth Extractions in Rancho Mirage, CA

Not sure if you are a candidate for a tooth extraction in Rancho Mirage, CA? Contact Cros Dental today to schedule a consultation, we’d be more than happy to fit you into our schedule and determine whether tooth removal in Rancho Mirage is right for you.

Why You Need to Visit the Dentist

So, you brush your teeth twice a day, floss every day (or at least try to), and even use a mouth rinse occasionally. You may think that you don’t really need to visit your dentist at Cros Dental the recommended twice a year. However, regular visits help to ensure that your oral health is properly maintained. At Cros Dental, we offer a variety of services, including cleanings and exams, to our patients in Rancho Mirage, CA to make sure that their dental health is taken care of. Here are a few reasons why you should visit your dentist.

How often you should go

For most people, it’s recommended that visiting the dentist twice a year – every six months – is the best practice. Some may not have to go as often while certain groups of people are at a higher risk of getting dental diseases and are recommended to see the dentist every three to four months. These include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Diabetics
  • Smokers
  • People with gum disease
  • People with a weak immune response to bacterial infection
  • People who tend to get cavities

Your dentist at Cros Dental will be able to tell you how often you need to visit our offices.

Removing plaque

No matter how diligently you clean your teeth every day, there will always be a trace of plaque left behind. As the plaque builds up, it could harden into tartar and become more difficult to remove. Bacteria live in plaque and tartar that produce acids that harm the teeth and could cause cavities. Visiting the dentist to get routine cleanings is important to prevent cavities.

Find hidden issues

About once a year, your dentist will take an x-ray of your teeth and jaw. By examining these images, he or she will be able to find problems before they reach a more serious stage. These include issues like bone decay and cysts. Finding these early gives your dentist a better chance of treating the problem successfully.

Oral cancer is another condition that can be detected during regular dentist appointments. By performing an oral cancer screening, your dentist can catch problems early on before they worsen and become life-threatening.

Find gum disease

Besides cavities, plaque and tartar can also cause gum disease. As it progresses, the gums start to pull away from the teeth and can get infected. This could eventually lead to tooth loss. To prevent this from happening, and the need for surgical treatments, it’s advisable to visit your Dentist in Rancho Mirage, CA to detect and treat gum disease in its early stages. Additionally, regular cleanings help to keep the gums healthy, preventing gum disease from developing in the first place.

Though you may be tempted to skip your dental appointments because you don’t currently notice any problems in your mouth, keep in mind that these appointments are essentially preventative care – they help to maintain your health to avoid any potential problems. At Cros Dental in Rancho Mirage, CA, our dental professionals can provide the oral care you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums.