Are Fluoride Rinses Really Effective? 

Fluoride mouthwashes can be effective in stopping dental issues. Some of these issues, like dry mouth, may occur because of other medical concerns. At other times, other dental procedures can cause the problem. Using special fluoride rinses can be a great addition to your dental routine, as your Rancho Mirage, CA dentist will tell you.

Dry Mouth

Your body uses saliva to keep your teeth clean naturally, but there will be times in your life when you suffer from a dry mouth. In fact, people taking certain medications routinely suffer from dry mouth. When it occurs, using a fluoride mouthwash helps provide your teeth with another layer of protection against dental problems.

Gum Recession

When gums recede, this can cause your roots to become exposed. While some treatments for gum diseases can leave roots exposed, even brushing with a too-hard toothbrush can cause this issue. If you suffer from exposed teeth roots, using a fluoride mouthwash may help.

Orthodontic Braces

It can be tricky to reach every part of your teeth when you wear braces. If you don’t, then decalcification can occur. Once the dentist removes the braces, you may discover that your teeth are no longer a uniform color. Using a fluoride mouthwash can help stop this process.

Dental Work

When fillings, crowns and bridges are required to correct dental issues, they can set up more rapid tooth decay if you do not take steps to protect your teeth. Brushing is the first line of defense, but it may not be enough. Using a fluoride mouthwash provides a secondary defense to stopping more significant issues from occurring.

Of course, using a fluoride rinse is not a substitute for visiting your Rancho Mirage, CA dentist at least once every six months. It’s vital to take great care of your teeth, and that starts with getting regular dental checkups. During your visit, your doctor may recommend that you use a fluoride rinse on a regular basis.