Nervous About Visiting the Dentist? # Ways to Overcome Your Fear

Going to the dentist can be stressful for some people – and for some, going to the dentist can be very hard indeed! If you’re going to the dentist in Rancho Mirage for general cleaning, then it’s important to feel comfortable throughout your visit. The following tips can help you overcome a fear of the dentist.

Choose the Right Dentist

Contact each dentist that you’re considering in advance. Ask them what they do to comfort patients that have a fear of the dentist. Look for a dentist that has proven strategies that help their patients. If you encounter a dentist that can’t tell you how they comfort fearful patients, keep looking for a dental professional.

Work Out Hand Signals

When you’re at the dentist, work out a hand signal to use when you’re uncomfortable and need to take a break. Having a hand signal can make the experience less stressful, and more comfortable. Everybody needs a break sometimes. Work out a hand signal that can make that happen.

Engage in Guided Meditation

Guided meditation can relax your body and calm your breathing just before a visit to the dentist. Engage in a guided meditation at your home before leaving for the dentist. If you’re not familiar with guided meditation, there are many free videos online that can help you.

Listen to Something Relaxing

Bring a set of headphones and a recording of something relaxing to listen to while you’re at the dentist. Some people benefit from listening to a favorite podcast, others enjoy listening to relaxing classical music.

Don’t Put It Off Another Day

Putting off a visit to the dentist can make going even harder. Don’t let that happen to you! Call your dentist to make an appointment for a general tooth cleaning in Rancho Mirage.