A Look at the Signs of a Dental Abscess

Infection caused by a bad tooth is referred to as a dental abscess. While common, the condition can be worrisome, and this form of infection may mean you are at risk of losing your tooth without treatment. Take a look at some of the signs you may have a dental abscess.

Intense Throbbing Pain That Worsens When You Lie Down

One common sign of a dental abscess is pain or a terrible toothache. Some patients claim the pain seems to get worse when lying down. You may experience intense, throbbing pain that doesn’t seem to let up. Sometimes, the pain does not fully subside with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Abrasions, Swelling, or Pimples Near the Tooth

Infection around a tooth may cause a small eruption point in the soft tissue in your mouth where the infection is trying to push its way out. If you spot a pimple, swelling, or a small abrasion, it is not a good idea to try to open this up to release the infection. Doing so may allow infectious bacteria to spread to other parts of the mouth.

Mild to Severe Fever or General Malaise

Any time you have an infection in your body, your body is going to react. You may not initially notice any changes in how you feel, but general malaise should be expected with a dental abscess. You may also develop a low-grade fever, and some patients report feeling nauseous. If you have any of these symptoms, it is an indicator that the infection may be spreading, so reach out to a dentist as soon as possible for advice.

Contact a Rancho Mirage Dentist for Advice About Dental Abscesses

A dental abscess is never a good sign, and it should be tended to quickly by a medical professional to prevent further issues. If you suspect you have a dental abscess, reach out to us at Cros Dental in Rancho Mirage, CA to schedule an appointment for care.