Your Little One is Nervous About the Dentist? What to Do

Does your little one seem nervous about visiting the dentist in Rancho Mirage? You can fix that situation! There are many things you can do to make your child feel less anxious about seeing the dentist for the first time. Before taking your child to the dentist, you can make the experience sound like an adventure. Here’s what to know.

Visit An Experienced Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists know how to keep kids entertained throughout their dental visit. These dentists have experience making their young patients feel comfortable, and often have techniques for calming kids who are nervous. To ensure that your child gets off to a good start with their dentist, choose one of our experienced pediatric dentists for your child’s next dental visit.

Play Dentist With Your Child

Show your child that going to the dentist can be fun! Play dentist with your child at home. Pretend to be the dentist, checking your child’s teeth – then let your child pretend to be the dentist for you. Playing dentist with your child can make the experience seem less scary overall.

Speak Positively of the Dentist

When you come back from your dental exam in Rancho Mirage CA, say positive things about your experiences with the dentist! Tell your child how you loved getting your teeth cleaned, because you love the way your teeth feel afterwards. If you like your dentist personally, tell your child about what a nice person the dentist is. By telling your children these little things, you can help them feel more comfortable.

Read Picture Books About Dentists

There are many picture books about dentists. Read some to your child to help them know what to expect from their visit!

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